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Hello Dear Visitor!

You have just landed on a Web page for Shmulevich family. There is not much information on it really, so you can use it to at least find the way to contact us.

email michael@shmulevich.info and lea@shmulevich.info

MSN michael@shmulevich.info

Google talk michael@shmulevich.info or tpetuu

Skype michael.shmulevich and michael.shmulevich.home

Current street address:

Sweden Skarpskyttevägen 6D, 226 42 Lund, SWEDEN


Sweden Michael: +46-723235756, Lea: +46-700-444-021, Home: +46-46-7800349

Israel Michael: +972-52-4797975, Lea: + 972-52-4797985 (most likely turned off to save costs)